About Geeflex

Who we are ?

Beijing Geeflex Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Geeflex Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. The founders are several engineers and researchers in the field of communication and computer. In the interdisciplinary field of Software Defined Radio (SDR), we have many years of research and development experiences, and are committed to creating the most cost-effective products and promote the application.

At present, our main products are high-performance 4G/5G end-to-end simulation systems based on SDR technology. Among them, the network simulator is suitable for the development and production testing of terminal chips, modules and equipment, and has been widely used in the industry. Compared with the traditional tester, its single system has higher performance (10Gbps downlink rate) and more flexible usage (for example, it can support multi-card terminal test). The multiple UE emulator product is a cost-effective 5G base station R&D test tool, which can test applications independently, and can also be used as a good supplement for expensive traditional UE emulation.

What we can do ?

1 Standard Amarisoft Callbox and UE Simbox

As an earlist partner of Amarisoft, Geeflex can integrate and provide all Amarisoft Standard products, including Callbox and Simbox.

2 Enhanced Callbox and UE Simbox

Based on the deep understanding of Amarisoft products and various application requirements of customers, we did some further development to enhance network emulator and UE simulator.

2.1 Portable Series

2.2 Customized More powerful Callbox

– Callbox with up to 14 SDR cards (SDR100 or SDR50)
– Callbox with SDR100 and SDR50 cards mixly using supprted
– Callbox with WebGUI tool to easily configure complex gNB and 5GC
– Callbox with reference automative test tools

2.3 Customized More powerful UE Simbox

– UE Simbox support 4 Cells 100MHz 4x4
– UE Simbox portable to test in field to access carrier’s real network

3 All-in-on 5G System for deployment

SDR based Private Network Solution (4G/5G)

4 Open 5G Studio

4.1 Open 5G Studio

Open 5G STDUIO Integrated 5G network testing solutions that can easily deploy and verify various network functions and devices.
The code architecture based on the open source protocol stack helps researchers to study and test the evolution of 5G / 6G networks.

4.2 Open 5G STDUIO Features

– Out of the box, no need for complex environment building and hardware connection
– Integrated integration of optional 5G open source core network and open source FR1 RAN
– Integrated RF transceiver unit, up to MIMO4x 4, extended to FR 2
– Visual configuration template and an embedded editor
– Integrated GUI management applications for managing and monitoring base station parameters and KPI
– Update the protocol stack code with the upstream community and follow the community development route

4.3 Open 5G STDUIO Option
4.3.1 OAI 5GCN / open 5GS and OAI RAN

– Antenna SISO or MIMO (up to 4x4)
– Bandwidth of 10 MHz, 20 MHz, 40 MHz, etc., and a max to 100 MHz
– Maximum downlink throughput SISO: 360 Mbps MIMO2x2:800 Mbps
– Maximum uplink throughput SISO: 94 Mbps MIMO2x2:130 Mbps
– Frequband 3GPP FR1 band, maximum 6GHz, support extension to FR 2
– The protocol standard meets the 3GPP Rel.15/16

4.3.2 Open5GS and srsRAN

– Antenna SISO or MIMO (up to 4x4)
– Bandwidth of 10 MHz, 20 MHz, 40 MHz, etc., and a maximum of 100 MHz
– Maximum Downside throughput SISO: 410 Mbps MIMO2x2:820 Mbps MIMO 4x 4:1 Gbps.4
– Maximum uplink throughput SISO: 74 Mbps
– The frequency band is 3GPP FR1 band, and the maximum frequency band is 6GHz
– The protocol standard meets 3GPP Rel.15/16


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